Orthopedic Massage

Expand your normal range of motion and comfort with orthopedic massage

Detailed work for sensitive and painful conditions.

Enhance your recovery, decrease pain and increase mobility following an acute injury or chronic condition by targeting the tissues and muscles surrounding your joints.
orthopedic massage

Orthopedic massage addresses many common conditions including:

Head off this disabling condition as soon as you can! Inflammation of the median nerve can be persistent. We will work together to reduce tension in arm flexors/extensors and hand muscles. Carpal tunnel treatment also includes a comprehensive approach from hands to shoulder and neck.
Don’t let elbow pain keep you from doing what you love. My targeted treatment of elbow, forearm and hand conditions addresses muscles of both sides of the forearm as well as the hand.
This unique condition requires a graded approach that does not challenge your pain. Working slowly and developing a mutual trust is key. With gentle orthopedic techniques, movement and communication, we will gradually address adhesed tissue and unlock movement.
Nerve pain in the front of your shoulder? Does it extend down your arm? You may be experiencing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Address TOS immediately with an orthopedic massage that focuses on the three potential areas of nerve impingement: scalenes, clavicle or pec minor. Massage in combination with at-home stretches is an established and effective treatment for TOS, and will help alleviate this condition..
Pain in the Achilles area can be the result of a true tendinopathy (irritation of the sheath around the tendon) and can be exacerbated by tight calf muscles and plantar fascia. I provide a complete treatment of foot and calf tissue (and beyond if necessary), as well as a detailed treatment of the tendon itself to address tendon glide and any adhesions that may be present.
Pain in your heel keeping you off your feet? Recovery from true plantar fasciitis can be a long process. A targeted orthopedic treatment addressing connective tissue and muscles in the foot, along with calves, may help improve movement and get you back on your feet.