Sports Massage

Get back to what you love doing, faster

Sports massage focuses on preventative maintenance, repair, recovery and restoration.

Coupled with personalized stretches, sports massage can help treat:

Pain can occur in many places around, under and on the knee. With my detailed understanding of anatomy, I can pinpoint the specific muscles responsible for your pain. Using sports massage in tandem with detailed treatment and stretching videos for home use, we’ll work together to put knee pain behind you.
Runner’s knee is not exclusive to runners! Runner’s knee — or pain on or under the kneecap — is often caused by kneecap tracking issues. We will work together to balance tight muscles and target muscles that may require strengthening.
Massage should be a part of any hamstring rehabilitation program. Deliberately working around the injury area will help keep adjacent muscles relaxed and mobile, while gently promoting circulation in the area of injury. My detailed understanding of anatomy allows a range of gentle work to aid in the recovery of torn or pulled hamstrings.
Often rooted in tight glute muscles, ITB syndrome can be painful and disabling. My treatment strategy addresses the origin of the IT band – glute medius/maximus, as well as muscles that “go along for the ride” – adjacent hamstring and quad, as well as lateral calf muscles. Specific stretches are provided for homework, as well.
You are not alone with this condition. Low back pain is incredibly common and occurs for a variety of reasons. For example, poor posture, prolonged periods of sitting, muscle strain, or chronic conditions.. With my detailed knowledge of low back and hip musculature, we will work methodically and gently through muscles and connective tissue, employing movement, myofascial techniques and stretching to reduce discomfort and increase movement.
Pain in the shoulders and neck can have roots in the low back and often in the arm muscles. Employing a combination of movement and precise treatment locations, I can help you unlock the source of shoulder and neck tightness, open up your range of motion, and reduce pain. I have had repeated success employing myofascial and orthopedic techniques coupled with my client’s focused relaxation through breathing.