Scar Tissue Mobilization

Improve mobility and reduce pulling and pinching with scar tissue mobilization

All scars need work. It can be sensitive, particularly where an incision was started, but scar work will reduce sensitivity as it improves mobility.

As an injury heals, new tissue is laid down randomly, which can then pinch, pull, or adhere to healthy tissue and lead to dysfunction. Mobilizing scar tissue helps minimize discomfort and maximize recovery of range of motion. Whether old or new, big or small, wherever they are – all scars can benefit from scar tissue mobilization work.

Scar tissue mobilization is important for all types of medical scars from arthroscopic to major surgeries including:

Pulling on abdominals? Pain at one end of the scar? A C-section is a significant surgery, cutting abdominal muscles and potentially limiting fascial movement in the lower abdomen. Scar work can help reduce sensitivity and potentially reduce fascial adhesion. I will work with you and teach self-care options.
A great complement to your rehab from joint replacement is scar massage. With scar massage, we can improve range of motion, increase ease of motion, and reduce pulling and pain. It is also important to reduce compensations in the early stages of recovery and address discomfort in other parts of the body.
Repairing the shoulder — the most unstable joint in the body — is all too common. Improve your long term recovery by keeping scar tissue supple, allowing strength and mobility to return sooner. My comprehensive approach to shoulder issues addresses musculature through the arm, back, neck and chest.
My approach includes detailed work on the feet and calves, scar tissue and joint mobilization. Whether it’s a complete rupture or partial tear, an Achilles injury is a painful, long-term recovery. Consistent stretching and scar work can advance mobility and reduce the recovery impact on other joints, including the knees, hips and low back.