Sam Farnsworth

Chiropractic and Massage

Dr. Jamal De Vita of De Vita Chiropractic and licensed massage therapist, Sam Farnsworth, offer our views on the complementary and therapeutic benefits of these treatment modalities.  Jamal and Sam have worked collaboratively over the past year providing preventative and injury care while expanding their clients’ self-care options. More than a few people have asked […]

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Sports & Orthopedic Massage

What Do You Mean by “Sports & Orthopedic Massage”?

Maybe I should call this blog,  why “Sports & Orthopedic Massage” is not just for athletes.  When I say Sports, Orthopedic Massage, or Sports & Orthopedic Massage, it’s the process I employ to increase movement and achieve your goals. The two borrow techniques from each other and ultimately blend together in different ways for individualized treatment.

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