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tmjd pain

A Pain in the Jaw

The jaw is so important to our day to day functioning.  Not only for eating, but appreciate all the other functions the jaw and its associated TMJ assist with: swallowing, pronunciation, facial expression, breathing and maintaining the correct pressure in the middle ear.  So when the tempo-mandibular joint (TMJ) starts to hurt, it can significantly

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bodywork and exercise

Bodywork & Exercise: Increase Body Awareness While Increasing Your Activity

You have to give us credit: as a culture, Americans are incredibly interested in getting fit. We invest every year in new diets, exercise programs, and supplements for weight loss and improved energy. Low-range estimates suggest that Americans spend about $2.6 billion each year on gym memberships alone. We also tend to pitch full speed

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migraine and massage

Migraines and Massage

Recently, more clients are arriving with reports of migraines.  Myofascial techniques, which are the core of my treatment technique, have a demonstrated benefit to migraine sufferers. Steady, targeted work particularly around the neck and down the back can provide relief. However, as I sit down to write this blog, I recognize that I personally have

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knee pain basics

Knee Pain Basics

Knee pain can come in many flavors.  While there is acute pain caused by a catastrophic injury to a ligament, bone fracture or meniscus/labral tear, this article will focus on chronic aches and pain.  Many pains are associated with muscle, tendons and the IT Band. And guess what, they don’t show up on imaging and

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commitment to you

Client Bill of Rights

You know your body better than anyone else.  I am here to help facilitate change and increase movement options.  Corollary: you know your pain better than anyone else.  I respect your reporting and will work with you to navigate movement options. Please share YOUR treatment goals.  Great examples include: “I want to play with my

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myofascial release

Myofascial Release – What is it and why is it effective?

I use myofascial techniques fairly extensively in my practice, yet this terminology may be foreign to some of you.  Following provides some anatomy background and a discussion of why this has personally become such an important approach.  First a couple definitions: Definition of Myofascial Myo – meaning muscleFascial – pertaining to fascia  Myofascial – addressing

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